Miloushka bokma is a visual artist, mainly working in the field of Photography and video. The personal and emotional history which every man carries is the premise of her work. Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. They are a staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. There appear to be, however, unsolved riddles.
Miloushka Bokma was born in 1971 in Curacao, at age 3 she moved to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Where she still lives and work. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Utrecht in 1995. Her work has been exhibited and screened both nationally and internationally. Including exhibitions in: Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, Soho century plaza Shanghai, Gallery of photography Dublin, Art Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam, Houston center for photography , Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, Cicterna art gallery Moscow, Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Holland Tunnel art gallery New York, photo festival Lodz, Poland.
Miloushka is represented the last 10 years by Gallery Reuten, Amsterdam. When Antoinette Reuten died in 2020 it stopped.
She is looking for a new gallery.


  • name: Miloushka Bokma
  • born: 19/02/’71
  • email: mail@miloushkabokma.nl
  • mobilephone: +31 (0) 644521951


Funding Art projects, Mondriaan Fund
Funding Art projects, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Funding Art projects Amsterdam South
Funding Art Projects Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Funding Art Projects Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Funding Art projects Amsterdam Noord
Funding Artprojects Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Basic stipendium, Mondriaan fund
Startstipendium , Mondriaan fund

Exhibitions/ Screenings


  • outdoor video presentation at screen Leideseplein Amsterdam
  • DongGang International Photo Festival, South Korea
  • New Eye selected artist presentation Eye Film Museum
  • Kurzfilmfestival Oberhausen
    *video Breath to Breath selected for the Eye film museum collection
  • Obskuur Ghent Film Festival


  • Photo Vogue Festival Milan
    The fourth wall- group exhibition Gallery 0-68 Velp
    Pool 20-Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin
    9th international dancefilmfestival Brussel
    Cinedans Festival, Eye Museum Amsterdam
    Human right festival Barcelona
    Cinema Akil, Dubai, Dancing shorts
    MOMus-State Museum of Contemporary Art Tessaloniki Greece
    Duo exhibition, photo and video installation Reuten Gallery Amsterdam
    Screendance Miami
    National center for Contemporary arts Ekaterinburg, Rusia
    *Visions 2018, Nunnery Gallery London
  • International Photography and visual arts Festival, Braga, Portugal
  • Pool International Tanzfilm Festival Berlin
  • Summer Salon Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • premiere Thuis, Home, Heimat. Cinedans Festival, Eye Amsterdam
  • Video Art Miden, Greece
  • Pearl Artist Prize, Pool , International Tanzfilm Festival Berlin
  • Museum Tot Zover, multimedia installation, Amsterdam
  • Reuten Gallery, Het Portret
    Visions, Nunnery Gallery London
    *Jumping Frames/ Hong Kong
  • publication Vorn Magazine, 10 pages
    Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, duo exhibition
    Festival Miden Kalamata, Greece
    60 seconds Film Festival Pakistan
    Cinedans Festival, Eye Amsterdam
    *Videoscreening in the public space, Zuidplein Amsterdam
  • 7th Cairo video festival, Cairo
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, London
  • Dance on screen festival, Eye film museum Amsterdam
  • Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, video and photography installation
  • ReCulture 2014 Festival Miden/ Greece
  • Art in public transport Bratislava
  • An urban film map/ Athens
  • International biennale of African contemporary art / Dak’Art Senegal/ video presentation
  • Rapid Pulse international performance festival Chicago/ video presentation
  • Art Rotterdam, Reuten gallery, Rotterdam /photo and video
  • Video Nomad, Tunesie/ video presentation
  • Photo Bienal Tenerife
  • Reuten Gallery, Installation Softly to Not, Amsterdam
  • Multimedia installation at Zuid WTC Amsterdam
  • Video festival Miden, Greece
  • Goethe Institute Hanoi,presentation photo & videowork, Vietnam
  • Cinedans, One minute dance video, Eye film institute Amsterdam
  • Art Rotterdam Art fair, stant Reuten Gallery, Rotterdam
  • Video installation Soho century plaza Shanghai
  • Solo exhibition Inkijk Gallery, art in public space Metro station Amsterdam
  • 12hours TOBEPRESENT, live performance and video de Balie Amsterdam
  • Groupshow 'Vriendschap en andere ongemakken' Reuten gallery
  • Groushow LENSBased/ Reuten gallery Amsterdam
  • 21 Rozendaal, space for contempory art Enschede
  • Art Amsterdam Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Gallery of Photography Dublin, Ireland
  • Photofestival Lödz, Poland
  • Video and live performance festival something Raw, Frascati Amsterdam
  • Polderlicht@home, Amsterdam
  • Groupshow Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Art-Amsterdam Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Six window photo’s in the public space, OBA , Coenen-Lydia Amsterdam
  • Houston Center for Photography, Houston US
  • Group expo Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Solo Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Art Amsterdam, Rai Amsterdam
  • Art amsterdam, reuten gallery, Amsterdam

The Power of Paralysis

During the pandemic, everyone has experienced the feeling of overflowing emptiness, skin hunger, loneliness, social distance and detachment.
How do we deal with things which are beyond our control? How do we deal with the restriction of our freedom?
In a symbolic way I process feelings that many people experienced during the corona pandemic.

Video selected for Eye film museum Collection

The video Breath to Breath is selected for the Eye film Museum Collection and will be distributed by Eye Experimental

Outdoor screening The Power of Paralysis

click to watch presentation here
From 1 till 16 of July stills of the video The Power of Paralysis will be showed at the big screen at the Leidseplein City theater Amsterdam. Thanks to Ocean Outdoor, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Mondriaan Fund.
To watch the videowork please sent me an email.

Cinedans Festival 2021

67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

In 2006 the Festival expanded its market by screenings from the catalogues of selected international distributors of experimental and artistic short films. The success was overwhelming: from the very first day, the halls were fully occupied and the audience showed great interest. In 2021 fourteen international distributors will present their catalogues.

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival is dedicated to recognizing quality films and filmmakers and showcasing their work. This is a quarterly film festival with a unique screening operation. The festival showcases innovative, underground, experimental, and independent movies by aspiring local as well as international filmmakers.

photowork and interview in Musee Magazine


Photo Vogue Festival 2020

outdoors exhibition from October 30th until November 22nd 2020, in the Giardini di Porta Venezia in Milan.
And online exhibitions, talks and projections.

"All in this together" displays works by 30 photographers that are a hymn to love and hope, an encouragement to nurture and keep alive the sense of community, of solidarity and empathy that we all witnessed as the offset of a very dramatic moment in time, with Covid—19 spreading beyond borders and barriers.

9th international dancefilmfestival brussels l’art difficile de filmer la danse

It will be presented on 3th of October 2020 at Danscentrumjette, 55, rue Emond van Cauwenberghstraat, 1080 Brussels.

The curators of the international dancefilmfestival Brussels l’art difficile de filmer la danse are Stefanie Bodien and Wolfgang Kolb.


Breath to Breath / Adem aan Adem is selected for
The film will be presented to the audience on September 10th, 7pm & 8pm, at DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, Berlin.
The 14th edition of POOL will present from September 9 -12 a selection of fascinating dance film productions from all over the world, making the event a platform for creative minds involved in the fields of dance, film, fashion and advertisement. Out of more than 750 international film submissions the curatorial team of POOL 20 created three evening programs of dance shorts.

Museum Tot Zover

Intieme fotoportretten, magische momentopnames, video´s en geschilderde filmstils. Dit alles is te zien in de multimedia installatie ‘Zachtjes om het Niet’ van Miloushka Bokma. ‘Zachtjes om het Niet’ is tijdelijk opgenomen in de vaste presentatie van Museum Tot Zover en vanaf deze week te bewonderen.

Museum Tot Zover, Kruislaan 124, Amsterdam

exhibitions 2018-2019

overview exhibition: Cinedans, Miami Light Festival,Human right Festival Barcelona, nationale centre for contemporary arts Ekaterinburg, Pool Tanzfilmfestival Berlin, Reuten Gallery Amsterdam

Exhibitions 2016-2017

Exhibitions in: Art in public space, Zuidplein Amsterdam, Festival Miden Athens, Filmfestival Pakistan, Jumping Frames Hong Kong, Cinedans Eye Amsterdam, Nunnery Gallery London, Ikono TV Pool


Interview CineWoman, publication Kaltblut, Parool, Vorn Magazine

Exhibitions 2015

Cairo Video Festival, Cinedans Festival Eye, Reuten Gallery, Renaissance Photography prize

Exhibitions 2013 - 2014

Art Rotterdam, Photobienale Tenerife, Reuten Gallery, Art in public space Zuidas, Art Rotterdam, Dakart biënale,

Exhibitions 2012

Exhibitions at: Inkijk Gallery, Reuten Gallery, Shanghai, De Bali Amsterdam

Exhibitions 2010-2011

Exhibitions at Art Amsterdam, Houston Photograpy center, Fotofestiwal Lödz

Exhibitions 2008 till 2009

This is a overview of different exhibitions and screenings.
Cicterna Gallery Moscow, At Art Amsterdam, Reuten Gallery,

DongGang International Photo Festival

Outdoor exhibition at DongGang (South-Korea)


selected Eye Experimentals 2021 at Eye on Art

De nieuwe selectie Eye's Artist's Moving Image: experimentele films en korte kunstenaarsfilms die Eye aanbiedt aan internationale festivals en filmmarkten. Het programma belicht recente trends in de kunstfilm en de korte experimentele film.


Ter nagedachtenis aan Antoinette Reuten