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Miloushka Bokma
studio: Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaanse straat 85/87
1054 RS Amsterdam
mobile phone: 0031(0)644521951

Miloushka Bokma is represented by Reuten Gallery Amsterdam
Antoinette Reuten
Prinsengracht 510 S
1017 KH Amsterdam
phone: 0031 (0) 20 6207537



Miloushka bokma is a visual artist, mainly working in the field of Photography and video. The personal and emotional history which every man carries is the premise of her work. Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. They are a staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. There appear to be, however, unsolved riddles.
Miloushka Bokma was born in 1971 in Curacao, at age 3 she moved to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Where she still lives and work. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Utrecht in 1995. Her work has been exhibited and screened both nationally and internationally. Including exhibitions in: Soho century plaza Shanghai, Gallery of photography Dublin, Art Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam, Houston center for photography , Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, Cicterna art gallery Moscow, Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Holland Tunnel art gallery New York, photo festival Lodz, Poland. She is represented by Gallery Reuten, Amsterdam.


  • name: Miloushka Bokma
  • born: 19/02/’71
  • email:
  • mobilephone: +31 (0) 644521951
  • gallery: Reuten Amsterdam
    contact: Antoinette Reuten
    Prinsengracht 510-s
    phone: 020-6207537


Funding Artprojects Amsterdam South
Funding Art Projects Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Funding Art Projects Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Funding Art projects Amsterdam Noord
Funding Artprojects Amsterdam Oud-Zuid
Basic stipendium, Mondriaan fonds
Startstipendium , Mondriaan fonds

Exhibitions/ Screenings

Duo exhibition, photo and video installation Reuten Gallery Amsterdam
Screendance Miami
National center for Contemporary arts Ekaterinburg, Rusia
Visions 2018, Nunnery Gallery London

  • International Photography and visual arts Festival, Braga, Portugal
  • Pool International Tanzfilm Festival Berlin
  • Summer Salon Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • premiere Thuis, Home, Heimat. Cinedans Festival, Eye Amsterdam
  • Video Art Miden, Greece
  • Pearl Artist Prize, Pool , International Tanzfilm Festival Berlin
  • Museum Tot Zover, multimedia installation, Amsterdam
  • Reuten Gallery, Het Portret
    Visions, Nunnery Gallery London
    *Jumping Frames/ Hong Kong
  • publication Vorn Magazine, 10 pages
    Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, duo exhibition
    Festival Miden Kalamata, Greece
    60 seconds Film Festival Pakistan
    Cinedans Festival, Eye Amsterdam
    *Videoscreening in the public space, Zuidplein Amsterdam
  • 7th Cairo video festival, Cairo
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, London
  • Dance on screen festival, Eye film museum Amsterdam
  • Reuten Gallery Amsterdam, video and photography installation
  • ReCulture 2014 Festival Miden/ Greece
  • Art in public transport Bratislava
  • An urban film map/ Athens
  • International biennale of African contemporary art / Dak’Art Senegal/ video presentation
  • Rapid Pulse international performance festival Chicago/ video presentation
  • Art Rotterdam, Reuten gallery, Rotterdam /photo and video
  • Video Nomad, Tunesie/ video presentation
  • Photo Bienal Tenerife
  • Reuten Gallery, Installation Softly to Not, Amsterdam
  • Multimedia installation at Zuid WTC Amsterdam
  • Video festival Miden, Greece
  • Goethe Institute Hanoi,presentation photo & videowork, Vietnam
  • Cinedans, One minute dance video, Eye film institute Amsterdam
  • Art Rotterdam Art fair, stant Reuten Gallery, Rotterdam
  • Video installation Soho century plaza Shanghai
  • Solo exhibition Inkijk Gallery, art in public space Metro station Amsterdam
  • 12hours TOBEPRESENT, live performance and video de Balie Amsterdam
  • Groupshow 'Vriendschap en andere ongemakken' Reuten gallery
  • Groushow LENSBased/ Reuten gallery Amsterdam
  • 21 Rozendaal, space for contempory art Enschede
  • Art Amsterdam Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Gallery of Photography Dublin, Ireland
  • Photofestival Lödz, Poland
  • Video and live performance festival something Raw, Frascati Amsterdam
  • Polderlicht@home, Amsterdam
  • Groupshow Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Art-Amsterdam Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Six window photo’s in the public space, OBA , Coenen-Lydia Amsterdam
  • Houston Center for Photography, Houston US
  • Group expo Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Solo Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Art Amsterdam, Rai Amsterdam
  • Art amsterdam, reuten gallery, Amsterdam

Thuis, Home, Heimat

The guiding principle of Thuis, Home, Heimat is the endless stream of photos of refugees that I see on a daily basis. Situations that touch me, a certain posture or face expression form images in my head that I put on scene on location.
I have consciously chosen to work with Western people. By letting Western people figure in my work, I want to bring the refugee problem closer. This is not something that is far away and therefore does not concern us. This can happen to us all.
Being displaced, losing and how you deal with this is a recurring theme in my work. I am interested in the common of emotions. That many experiences are universal, even if you experience them alone, is a comforting thought.


Cycles (2015)combined with the videowork Cycles by Miloushka Bokma
Themes in this work is the meeting -the coming together of people and the farewell.
Each encounter carries also a goodbye. We say each time in a different way goodbye. Farewell in the broadest sense of the word. Saying goodbye to your childhood, or to your dreams and ideals, the growing apart of a friendship, a love grown cold, your child who is mature and independent and definitive goodbye that death brings.
watch video here

Zachtjes om het Niet/ Softly to Not

Softly to is Not a project I work on since 2010. The work consists of a combination of photo and video work. The videos I made are twofold. One part consists of a video and the other part is a photo, before or after the filmed situation. In this combination of photo and video work I examine the time element and show a sequel, or just a beginning, which is not necessarily linear in construction. Meanwhile, the project Softly to Not consist of six short video’s and a series of photo's. Which are come together in one installation, The installation "Softly for not" seems to be a cross between a travel altar and an enlarged letter tray.

For video's see Videowork

Cause and Effect

The personal and emotional history which every man carries is the premise of my work. Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment. They are a staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. There appear to be, however, unsolved riddles. The situations I create are snapshots of a personal history,


In CLUE there is always one element passed to the next image. I chose environments where elements are concealed and on the other site reveals. It is the attempt to penetrate layers behind reality. As an archaeologist I filleting these layers behind the surface. The people I photograph, are because of these archaeological perspective also a kind of object of study. As a viewer you try understand their story and motivations,like a detective looking for clues, but leads to solutions that do not. It is a series that raises questions rather than answering them.

GrandMaMa/ GrandPaPa

A series of portraits of the great grandmother or great grandfather with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photographed in the house of the parents of large.


In these series I captured moments who normally go too fast to photograph. Stopping this movement works as a metaphor for channeling the emotions of the portrait one. They're in their own world, what remains are the traces of past events in there face and body.


A fraction of a second, that magical moment you stop the world, I think is one of the finest, most fascinating principles of photography. How would the photo look like if I have seen it a few seconds later​​?

WinterWende presentation public space

26, 27, 28 of januari 2016 the videowork WinterWende and Cycles where showed at het Zuidplein Amsterdam.
One screening at the big screen next to the entrance of Station Zuid, non stop 24 hours (every 10 minutes)
the other screening at the end of Zuidplein on a big screen with sound. from 17.00 till 20.00 in a loop.

Zachtjes om het Niet/Softly to Not

The personal and emotional history which every man carries is the premise of my work. Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment. They are a staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. There appear to be, however, unsolved riddles. The situations I create are snapshots of a personal history, in which I try to uncover hidden layers of the inner aspects of human existence.
In my latest video works I stretch the image in time. The characters -situated in public spaces- stand for a certain emotion of the one, that is displayed and magnified in the respond of the other.Loss, mourning, saying goodbye, rediscover yourself and connectedness are recurring themes.

Cinema Akil Dubai

Screen Dance Miami 2019

My Video work Thuis, Home, Heimat is selected for the Screen Dance Miami 2019.
The program highlights choreographers and directors working with emerging and new concepts in movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival has been created to support professionals in this field and to support the development of dance created for the camera.

National center contemporary arts Rusia

Videowork Cycles

Pool International Tanzfilm Festival Berlin

Cinedans Festival 2018

Kaltblut Magazine

My latest photoserie is published in Kaltblut Magazine Berlin

Beauty and consolation/ Braga/Portugal

Encontros da Imagem

“Beauty and Consolation”

The human condition is defined by its limitations and dissatisfactions. Faced with the bewilderment of the world, humans search for the meaning of existence in pursuit of peace and harmony. We live in an incessant search, trying to find solace for our pain and suffering. We are obsessed with happiness and pleasure but struggle to find consolation.

We nurture singularity and freedom but at the same time we value the sense of belonging and security. Individuality and society are both complementary and antagonistic: within the family, the community and institutions. On the other hand, our collective memory shapes us within this cycle of constant transformation, thus conditioning both our understanding and our vision of the future.

The vertiginous acceleration and mechanization of the world in this era of haste and apathy causes confusion and disorientation. The agitation of contemporary life leads to fragmentation and indifference. We must find an antidote for the hyperactive disquiet which consumes us and distances us from nature and from ourselves. Could it be that our reconciliation with the world can be done through the contemplation of the aesthetic. Could Beauty be our salvation?

Encontros da Imagem, proposes a reflection on “Beauty and Consolation”. The 2018 edition will take place from the 21st of September to the 28th of October, 2018.

Pool international Tanzfilm Festival Berlin 2018

Video Art Miden Greece

Video Art Miden is expanding and broadening, and is ready to present a rich program of international video art in Kalamata -more specifically at the Historic Center and the beach of the city. Celebrating the strong relationship of the organization with the city in which it started and initially developed, the curatorial team comes back with public projections of contemporary video art from all around the world, from July 5 to July 7, each day activating a different urban area of the city.

Premiére Thuis, Home, Heimat Eye Amsterdam

Cinedans – Dance on Screen Festival, taking place from 14-18 March in EYE. During this five-day international edition, we show carefully selected dance film shorts that are competing for one of the awards.

Pearl Artist Prize POOL Festival Berlin


PEARLS are the equal winningfilms of POOL - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN.

With the PEARLS ARTIST PRIZE POOL honors for the second time outstanding artists in the field of dance film.
This year Miloushka Bokma and Adi Halfin will receive the PEARLS ARTISTS PRIZE for their ongoing productions that combine dance and films.

Ikono TV

My video Cycles will be showed at Ikono TV

Museum Tot Zover

Intieme fotoportretten, magische momentopnames, video´s en geschilderde filmstils. Dit alles is te zien in de multimedia installatie ‘Zachtjes om het Niet’ van Miloushka Bokma. ‘Zachtjes om het Niet’ is tijdelijk opgenomen in de vaste presentatie van Museum Tot Zover en vanaf deze week te bewonderen.

Museum Tot Zover, Kruislaan 124, Amsterdam

Jumping Frames Hong Kong

International Dance Video festival Hong Kong From 4-14 of august 2016

Festival Miden Athens 2016

Cinedans Festival 2016

16 till 20 of march 2016 in Eye Amsterdam
My videowork WinterWende is selected for the Cinedans Festival 2016

60sec Film Festival Pakistan

Festival Miden 2016 Kalamata

Miden 2016 // Screenings at Kalamata!

Two of my video's will be screened. Cycles and WinterWende.

The organizing team of Miden is ready once more to present a powerful program of contemporary video art from all over the world, on 7th and 8th of July.

Being active for 12 years and always open to new ideas, this year Miden extends its curatorial team and its presentations and collaborations all around the world throughout the year. Nevertheless, Miden begins its presentations in Kalamata city and it will present the biggest part of 2016 selections there. Pointing out the different direction of Miden, this year’s program will take place in gallery spaces and an open air cinema ( Municipal Gallery of Kalamata - A.Tassos, Kallitechniko Steki, Café-Cine), as well as social public spaces (Stoa Lontou, Baba Yaga) of the city .

7th Cairo Video Festival

The 7thCVF is taking place from 3 to 12 December 2015 in different cultural venues around Cairo besides Medrar for Contemporary Art.
My videowork Cycles will be screened during the festival.
watch teaser video here

Exhibition London: Renaissance Photography Prize

Out of 5000 images my photograph "Cycles" is selected to be exhibit together with the other finalist at the Getty Image Gallery in London (Oxford street) from 17th till 28 november 2015.

Cinedans festival Eye Amsterdam

Cinedans festival from 11 till 15 of march

The installation Softly to Not is showed in Eye Amsterdam and a new videowork: Cycles of Miloushka Bokma is part of the SHORT programm presented in the Eye cinema.

Art Rotterdam 2015

New Photowork from Miloushka Bokma in the stant van Reuten Galerie Amsterdam.
from 4 till 8 february main section nr 49. Van Nelle fabriek Rotterdam

The ReCulture exhibition Greece

ReCulture 2014 - Festival Miden// 8-28 november 2014
Celebrating its 10years anniversary, Video Art Festival Miden presents in the frame of ReCulture, two screening programs with video-works selected from the last few years' editions of the festival in Kalamata, GR.

Sense of...

Curated by Margarita Stavraki

Duration: 39 min

A selection that outlines the poetic dimension of videoart and is based on senses. The main issue here is the detection of the limits of the senses, the aesthetic qualities and meanings that emerge when these senses are placed in specific contexts. The program focuses on experiments based on the image and hearing, experiments based on sound and touch, experiments based on touch and movement.

Rapid pulse international performance art festival Chicago

RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL (RP14) to be held JUNE 5-15, 2014. RAPID PULSE aims to represent a wide range of styles and forms of performance art. Contextualizing performance within visual art, RAPID PULSE embraces artists who look to the body, objects, space, and time for inspiration, research, and practice. We are committed to invigorating CHICAGO by bringing to the city artists of exceptional calibre from around the world while also supporting local artists. Dynamic programming, decidedly fearless and unique, aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.

International biennale of African contemporary art (Dak'Art) - Senegal

My videowork Softly to Not #5 will be showed on the facade of the Raw material company center in Dakar.
12 and 13 may 2014.
RAW MATERIAL COMPANY is a center for art, knowledge and society. It is an initiative that unfolds within the realms of exhibition making, commissioning, knowledge sharing, and archiving of theory and criticism.

It works to forster appreciation and growth of artistic and intellectual creativity in Africa. The underlying rationale of its program is the firm belief in visual arts as a potent tool capable of shifting perspectives, and ingnite engagement for art practice as a viable path for social and political transformation.

RAW MATERIAL COMPANY is made of RAW BASE, a resource center specialized in contemporary art, RAW Gallery a 100 m2 exhibition space, RAW Residency, residencies for artists, curators and authors specialized in photography, video and art in the public space. La Compagnie, a roof top restaurant, rounds up the concept of an independant space for art practice and critical exchange.

Art Rotterdam 2014

6-9 feb Art Rotterdam

foto en videowerk van oa. Miloushka Bokma in de stant van Reuten Galerie

De 15e editie van Art Rotterdam wordt op een nieuwe locatie gevierd. In de Van Nellefabriek zijn alle secties van Art Rotterdam te zien onder één dak: Main, New Art en de tweede editie van de innovatieve videosectie Projections. In en rond de Van Nellefabriek zullen diverse pop up shows en kunstenaarspresentaties te zien zijn.

XII photobienal de Tenerife

FOTONOVIEMBRE nov-dec '13 is a cultural event with international reach, organised by the Island Cabildo (Island government), TEA, through the Centro de Fografía Isla de Tenerife, an International Photography Festival, which has been held on the island of Tenerife every two years since 1991.

In the months of November and December 2013, the XII edition of the Tenerife International Photography Festival, FOTONOVIEMBRE, attempts to show photographic production in the broadest sense of the term, as a mean of expression and documentation,

This edition attempts to follow a visual itinerary of different aspects of historic and contemporary photography, through the collections of authors, museums, entities, galleries and both public and private collections, as a meeting point and a link between the authors and the public, considering the island geography as a platform between cultures.

Installation 'Softly to Not'at station south Amsterdam

Multimedia installation Softly to Not from Miloushka Bokma
is shown in the public space of Zuidplein at the left site of the Amsterdam Zuid train entrance .
24 hours a day
from August 26 to September 20 2013

The multimedia installation Softly to Not from Miloushka Bokma shows photos, videos and painted film stills.
In the middle of the hectic Amsterdam Zuid station is the installation Softly to Not, a cross between a travel altar and an enlarged type case.
A closet where precious gems are arranged in the form of intimate portraits, video's in which the magical frozen snapshots of the photos are followed up and painted film stills of artist Andrea Radai. The project was made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Thanks to NS.

Art Rotterdam 2013

Stant Reuten Gallery

Double Life > soho center Shanghai 2012

Exhibition of videowork placed 360 degrees in a projectspace.

To be Present De Balie 2012

12 hours TO BE PRESENT International Women's Day- 48 presentations by female creators.
Video and live performance by Lisa Groothof and Ana Ladas.

Photofestival Lödz 2011

Art Amsterdam 2011

GrandMaMa/ GrandPaPa > Art in public space

A series of portraits of the great grandmother or great grandfather with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photographed in the house of the parents of large. Exhibit on the outside of the windows of the OBA Amsterdam in the public space.

Houston center for Photography 2010

Art Amsterdam 2009

Cicterna Gallery Moscow

60 seconds Film Festival Islamabad

Art Amsterdam

Art Amsterdam 2010

Art in public transport Bratislava

november 2014
Publication 50 words and exhibition in the public busses of Bratislava

Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona

My video Thuis, Home, Heimat is selected for this festival in Barcelona.

ICK Fest

WinterWende will be showed during the ICK FEST.

MOMus-State Museum of Contemporary Art

MOMus, the Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki, the State Museum of Contemporary Art and the Experimental Center for the Arts collaborate with Video Art Miden, hosting a major tribute to contemporary video art with 130 works by renowned and emerging artists from all around the globe.

The exhibition will take place 5-25 of April 2019 at the Experimental Center for the Arts (Warehouse Β1, Thessaloniki Port).

Performance Something Raw / Frascati

Video Nomad Tunesie

Video Nomad, 14 december 2013 organised by CentiArt, an international non profit organisation based in Cotonou-Benin Africa.
By this video screening project, video art is inviting itself on the streets, on the facades of houses, in libraries, in subway stations, all cultural spaces other than art galleries and museums. As its name suggests does not have a fixed place. It is moving continually, it crosses borders and stops its course for an evening, a day or even half a day.